Eat Your H20 Too

It’s no secret that our bodies depend on water to survive and maintain our core temperature, particularly during hot weather.

Over half of our body weight is made up of water and as we make our way into the warmer months of the year we tend to lose water at a much faster rate through sweat, therefore, it’s vital that we keep our bodies hydrated.

Foods with a high water content can aid hydration, these foods along with fluids will also replace key minerals and electrolytes. Did you know that some fruits and veggies are more than 90% water!

Here are some foods you should consider adding to your daily diet to assist with hydration.


Cucumber has the highest water content of any solid food and is the perfect addition to any salad or why not slice it up as a healthy snack and serve with some hummus!

Heard of cucumber soup? Boost the power of cucumber by blending it with ingredients such as non-fat yoghurt, mint and ice cubes and enjoy a refreshing chilled soup.

Fruit Salad

Make a salad packed with fruit such as watermelon, cantaloupe, oranges & berries or eat them on their own as a healthy and delicious snack.

On the go? Blend these fruits together with yoghurt, milk or ice cubes for a tasty smoothie or fruit juice.

Mixed Greens Salad

Greens such as iceberg lettuce, spinach, broccoli, green peppers, celery and zucchini are all high in water content, whilst perfect on their own, combined together they are perfect in any salad. Add radish or tomatoes to your salad for added benefits.