Why not Telehealth?

Rural GP Dr Ewen McPhee, chair of Queensland Health’s Telehealth Advisory Committee, said a lot of work had been devoted to developing telehealth standards, but Australia still lacked a consistent, national framework for clinical governance. Despite the advances in technology the amount of consumers signing up for telehealth are

The MyOnlineClinic (MOC) app gives the consumer the power to choose. Choose where, when and who. Your medical records in your pocket everywhere you go. Whether travelling overseas or interstate, MyOnlineClinic is your mobile medical chart.

All medical details are uploaded and managed by the Patient. If your regular GP is not available for a consult and you only require a prescription repeat, you can choose which other details are made visible to a particular GP.

Having certainty that if you are involved in a telemedicine consult with a Specialist and for whatever reason your referring GP cannot attend, all of your health records are available in one place. Blood results, Pathology and Radiology. Access to your prescriptions and any recent diagnostic results taken via the MOC app.

As noted in a recent 13-point position statement from the American College of Physicians, Dr McPHee said “The most important thing about referrals is good clinical handover”. The MyOnlineClinic app ensures nothing is over-looked and all medical information is available in one place.

MyOnlineClinic App available now.