Telehealth managing Hypertension

via: Nursing Standard The article follows the recent introduction of Telehealth and it's ability to monitor patients Blood Pressure in their own homes. The articles main questions: 'Do adults with hypertension being monitored with telehealth/telemonitoring have a higher quality of life and improved management compared with standard care?'     For the full article please [...]

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Telehealth Management of Parkinson’s Disease

via: Karger An exploratory study of Telehealth Management of Parkinson's Disease (PD) using wearable sensors. Due to the nature of Parkinson's disease clinical evaluations can vary significantly during visits, additionally access to movement disorder specialists can be increasingly difficult for those with PD. Such difficulties in managing PD has created various opportunities for telehealth and [...]

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5 Predictions About the Future of IoT for Medical Devices

via: Geektime   Geektime offers their insight in how IoT healthcare devices are likely to impact not only your health but your entire lifestyle. Their predictions include; - Advancements in responder speed. - Vital monitoring devices. - Higher customization for medical devices. - Smart pills. - Bio-hacking. For the full article and how these technologies [...]

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Wearables becoming more than a step counter

via: pharmaphorum Rise of wearables are providing telehealth companies with an opportunity to provide customers with additional healthcare options. The article takes into account the main issues on which Telehealth companies must consider in order to break current health trends. These include; the potential for medical-grade wearables, the data, the regulations, the customer

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Telemedicine Provides More Options to Receive Quality Healthcare in the Privacy of Home

Via: The Digital Journal Telehealth is revolutionising the way we are capable of providing treatment to those who are suffering from Chronic diseases. You are able to read Dr Steven Gerst's full article here:

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New Zealand launches national text and call telehealth helpline

'Need to Talk? 1737' is  a free call or text telehealth helpline in New Zealand. The service has been launched in order to offer help to those with any form of psychological distress, which may include depression, suicide and relationship break-ups.   In the six months from October 2016 to March 2017, there were more [...]

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Southern DHB appoints telehealth coordinator

The Southern District Health Board have appointed Sandra Brough as their telehealth coordinator. The appointment announces that the Southern DHB look to encourage and boost telehealth services, and are attempting to increase general practices to get on board. Up to 5 clinics already have telehealth services available.   You can read the full article here: [...]

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