Stay Hydrated!

Eat Your H20 Too It’s no secret that our bodies depend on water to survive and maintain our core temperature, particularly during hot weather. Over half of our body weight is made up of water and as we make our way into the warmer months of the year we tend to lose water at a [...]

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Why are Consumers Signing Up to Telehealth?

Why not Telehealth? Rural GP Dr Ewen McPhee, chair of Queensland Health’s Telehealth Advisory Committee, said a lot of work had been devoted to developing telehealth standards, but Australia still lacked a consistent, national framework for clinical governance. Despite the advances in technology the amount of consumers signing up for telehealth are The MyOnlineClinic (MOC) [...]

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A Solution to Chronic Disease management? Creating a care model that suits the increasing needs of RACF residents along with those more independent residents who choose to live in Independent Living Unit arrangements is imperative for a strong healthcare system. The RACGP reports that “People living in residential aged care facilities (RACFs) present to emergency [...]

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$28 Billion Lost Productivity

Absenteeism costing the Australian Economy A recent survey of 1000 workers across six government departments found that 85 percent of those who spent more than eight hours a day working at a computer experienced neck pain.  Implementing a corporate health and wellness program in the workplace is fast becoming the norm for bigger corporations in [...]

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